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About me

Enrico Steuer

Welcome to a journey of healing and connection. My name is Enrico Steuer, and I have been trained by teachers from various cultures, bringing a rich diversity to my massage practice.

My Shiatsu massages are a mindful and sensitive form of dialogue, resonance, and space. Through present touch and stretching, you will feel the power of your life pulse, addressing and activating your own body’s innate wisdom. Mindfulness, connection, and trust in life and love form the foundation of this often healing encounter.

I see my role as a witness to what is and a holder of the space of love. For me, you are a symphonic masterpiece. I listen to the individual notes, pauses, and interludes to give your symphony the space it needs. I am honored to share this gift with you.

At the beginning of every massage treatment, we will have a short preliminary discussion to clarify which physical complaints will be the focus. The treatment is traditionally carried out on the mat, but it can also be performed on a massage table or treatment chair if needed. For both Shiatsu and Shamanic massages, please wear warm and comfortable clothing. After each massage, you will have time to integrate the treatment.

I see you, I feel you, and I am here to support your journey towards healing and well-being overall.


Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massages give you the opportunity to activate your inner sources of strength, but it also gives you access to your joy of life and creativity in a natural way.
With the help of Shiatsu, a balancing, invigorating or calming effect can be achieved.

Every body has different needs. The vital functions of your body are strengthened as well as your self-confidence. Shiatsu makes your life wide and easy again.
The Shiatsu massage is based on the physical meridian system, the energetic system of our life force, which is the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

My Shiatsu massages are a mindful and sensitive form of dialogue and resonance through the touch and stretching of your body. This addresses and activates your own competent body wisdom.

Note: The Shiatsu massage is performed while the body is clothed, but please make sure you wear comfortable clothing.

Chair treatment

25 leva

for 15 min.

Mat or Lounger

35 leva

for 30 min.

Mat or Lounger

60 leva

for 60 min.

Remote Shiatsu

80 leva

for 30 min.

Hawaiian massage

The Hawaiian massage has its origins in a Hawaiian ritual that represented a new beginning in a person’s life. This ritual was sometimes carried out over several days.

The Hawaiian massage primarily transforms what we call stress into flowing movements on a physical, emotional and mental level. But also, the result is a pulsation of the body that flows deep into our consciousness.

Another keypoint is that this can build both deep self-confidence and a connection to oneself. In this way, the soul finds its home in the body again.

Note: The Hawaiian massage is an oil massage.
Underwear can remain on for example.

Mat or Lounger

170 leva

for 120 min.

Movement + Massage / M&M

The M&M treatment is a combination of exercise and massage.

During the treatment, you will perform the movements that are individually tailored to you under my supervision. These special movements are adapted to your physical challenges so that they support your process.

You can use these exercises at any time and again to support your well-being.

After the movement, your Shiatsu massage follows, with which we can create the desired balance in your body.

This treatment, which has been developed over the last few years and consists of a combination of targeted movement and integrated massage, has surprisingly proven to be extremely effective for my clients.

Mat or Lounger

60 leva

for 60 min.


Mobile Massage service
from Sokolovo

You can book me for:
Your company employees
Your feel-good event
As a personal body master

An area of 3m x 2m
is required for the massage.

For a journey

5 leva